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Job Description

11 - 12 October 2016,
Vodacom World, Johannesburg

A first of its kind in Southern Africa, the AfriSecure is a unique combination of exhibition and conference to match the need for knowledge and display in an all encompassing event for the security and safety industry in Southern Africa. In an “all in one package”, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about latest developments in their respective industries, initiate new projects, discover new products, share insights, and network with peers to position yourself as an industry leader through effective security processes.

​Security tops the priority list of all organisations with Southern Africa as well as the rest of the world. With the constant evolution of technology, processes and systems in the digital age, organisations are at constant risk of security threats to their organisation. As threats become more sophisticated, the devastation on the organisation is increased. 

With a unique focus, the event shall have a solid focus on providing organisations with security should they be working in areas across the border, from physical human protection, to risk assessment, this VIP service shall play a large role in the events unique perspective.

The event will be the first edition of an annual event which will evolve to encompass all forms of security in its truest form. Its aim is to bring together key decision makers and solution providers who will not only share key insights and thoughts, but network and create new business opportunities. The event will establish its own following by relying on an Advisory Panel to guide the event and develop and create content. The event shall also feature a full two day conference, scheduled in a way for attendees to benefit fully from the keynotes and panel discussions as well as the relevant tech demo sessions to take place on the floor.

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